The COMPLEXITIES of PRESENTATION: Summer Art Installation at the Chamber

Join us for the Kimball Jenkins Satellite Gallery at GMC opening reception for: The Complexities of Presentation. Thursday, July 13th from 6-8 p.m. at 54 Hanover Street.


imball Jenkins is an arts and cultural center which exists in a unique and amorphous space celebrating multitudinous partners, artists and advocates who actively and historically invest their innovations and resources into the health and cultural exceptionalism of New Hampshire. The Greater Manchester Chamber has partnered with Kimball Jenkins to curate a satellite gallery featuring a myriad of diverse artists, as a step in ensuring a more inclusive and desirable future for New Hampshire. You’ll continue to see rotating art installations in the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Boardroom at the Greater Manchester Chamber, located at 54 Hanover Street, Manchester, over the course of the next year.


Featured Artist
Sylvan Dustin: Through whimsical and imaginative representations of their ever-changing identity, Sylvan creates multimedia pieces exploring the fluidity inherent in self love and acceptance.

Featured Artist
Leaf Comstock: With rapid changes in their life coinciding with new developments in self identity, Leaf is showing their nonlinear path to growth and healing through nontraditional sculpture.

It is not hard to find artists, change makers, culture keepers who are different from us, but it does take effort to nurture new and different relationships and secure resources which some demographics may not easily have at hand. Kimball Jenkins utilizes the resources of their partner organization, New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists, in order to ensure that the artists featured have access to printers and mentorship on gallery showing such that there is some effort of skills share therefore ensuring continued participation in the creative economy from a broader spectrum of people. The partnership between Greater Manchester Chamber and Kimball Jenkins progresses efforts to create these spaces and the GMC looks forward to more incredible talent being featured on their walls!


The show will run through mid-July and August, with a reception on Thursday, July 13 from 6-8 PM at the Greater Manchester Chamber, 54 Hanover Street, Manchester. Please feel free to drop-by at any point during the reception to view the gallery and meet the artists themselves. There will even be live music, and delicious treats provided by Dancing Lion Chocolate.

Satellite Gallery Hours & Viewing

The Kimball Jenkins Satellite Gallery at the Greater Manchester Chamber, located in the Daily Mirror Office Building on 54 Hanover St,  is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9AM-4PM. The gallery is located inside of the GMC’s Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) Board Room, which is sometimes rented out by private groups. Individuals are invited to view the installation and purchase original prints either outright or through payment installations with no interest, although it is recommended you contact the GMC to ensure access to the HPHC Boardroom and Satellite Gallery during the time you plan to visit. Call (603) 792-4120 and chat with the GMC’s Office and Program Coordinator, Lauren Clark.

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