‘Find Your Cause’ Event Sparks Community Engagement and Collaboration

Manchester Young Professionals unites 34 nonprofits with dynamic young professionals, for an evening of inspiration and opportunity. Duet presents about their revolutionary streamlined college experience that saves time and money for their clients (pc: Stephen Denis)

On November 29th, Manchester came alive with purpose as Manchester Young Professionals hosted their much-anticipated “Find Your Cause” event at The Rex Theatre. The evening brought together 34 nonprofits and young professionals eager to explore meaningful opportunities to make a positive impact in their community.

The event provided a platform for nonprofit organizations to showcase their missions and connect with enthusiastic young professionals seeking avenues for community involvement. Each nonprofit not only exhibited their work but also delivered compelling two-minute pitches in a shark tank style, enticing the audience with reasons why they should consider joining forces with their cause.

Holly Horst, Co-Chair of Manchester Young Professionals Young Leaders Council and Director of Development & Marketing at the Manchester Police Athletic League (MPAL), expressed gratitude to the 30+ nonprofit leaders who shared insights into the meaningful work they are doing. In a heartfelt acknowledgment, she extended her thanks to all the young professionals in attendance, hoping that they left feeling inspired to get involved and make a lasting difference.

In an interview on WZID, Keri Pappalardo, Co-Chair of Manchester Young Professionals Young Leaders Council, and the emcee of the event, shed light on the event’s inception. She explained that the idea sprang from a common misconception among young professionals that they needed to be well-established in the community to sit on a nonprofit board. Pappalardo emphasized the importance of diversifying boards and having individuals with boots on the ground actively engaged in community causes.

Cole Riel, Director of Small Business and Community Development at the Greater Manchester Chamber and Coordinator of Manchester Young Professionals, reflected on the event’s success. “This evening was a fantastic success for connecting young professionals to opportunities to improve their communities and also bringing our nonprofits together to become connected with one another,” Riel shared.

“Find Your Cause” event not only facilitated connections between nonprofits and young professionals but also fostered a sense of collaboration among the participating organizations. It served as a catalyst for bridging the gap between passionate individuals seeking to make a difference and nonprofits eager to diversify their boards and engage with a new generation of community leaders.

The Rex Theatre provided an ideal backdrop for an evening filled with inspiration and purpose. As the event concluded, attendees left with a renewed sense of motivation and a clearer understanding of the myriad ways they could contribute to the betterment of Manchester.

In the words of Holly Horst, the event was a celebration of the meaningful work being done by nonprofits and a call to action for young professionals to step forward and be part of the positive change they wish to see in their community. Manchester Young Professionals, through the “Find Your Cause” event, has successfully laid the groundwork for a more engaged and interconnected community, where each individual, regardless of their professional background, can play a vital role in shaping a brighter future.

Manchester Young Professionals thanked the participating organizations and their sponsors in a follow up message.

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